Assurance services and 'adding value' are not usually viewed together, since the primary objective of an audit is to provide an independent opinion on a company's annual accounts.

We recognise the commercial importance of providing assurance on business controls so that there are no surprises. Equally, they understand the importance of providing advice to help clients develop their business.

The key to a valuable compliance service is the strength of the relationship between the client and the service team. This enables our member firms' work to be thoroughly and accurately planned and tailored to their specific needs.

Our audit and assurance services satisfy the primary objective of expressing opinions on the fair presentation of the annual financial statements of Companies and ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory provisions. Also, to provide comfort to Directors and Investors on specific projects and ventures per time. To ensure effective and efficient audits, our attention is typically directed towards those financial statement components and applicable assertions which have a high risk of material misstatement.